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Since gaining and retaining attention is essential to Realisation,
Andy M Reeve’s approach to ‘taking people with him’ centres on selecting the most appropriate creative vehicle to achieve the defined business and event objectives.  

Often, only business dress is appropriate.  Andy has delivered many memorable sessions as ‘presenter in a suit’, demonstrating his passionate belief that being suited is no excuse for being dull. 

Click on the lower image to see some examples of Andy’s work. These brief extracts are from case studies which illustrate:

  • New competitor briefing, ‘Billy the cowboy’:
  • Calming a sales team ‘spooked’ by an imminent competitor launch
  • Insomnia brand launch, ‘bedtime story’:
  • Highly creative session written by Andy, incorporating a narrator role scripted entirely in verse
  • Bringing data to life
  • ‘BD’ stands for ‘Business Dress’ (not ‘Bored Delegates’)

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“Andy is in his element when presenting plans to audiences both large and small. He has a unique ability to capture an audience’s attention in very creative ways, which do not get in the way of the communication.”

Gavin Gandy, Divisional Manager Gastroenterology & Urology
Ferring Pharmaceuticals